Janzkie Farm was established in 2012 and is probably the most reliable supplier of quality stocks of pigs for fattening or breeding on the island of Cebu, Philippines. We are well recommended by customers.

Our F1 gilts are from Jaltas, Large Whites, Toppig and PIC

Our boars are HY-Pig which are known for outstanding mating results with all breeds of sows.

We are located at San Miguel, Owak, Asturias, CEBU.  

Our piglets are fully weaned, dewormed and inoculated. Price starts at 2700 peso but
we offer a small discount on purchases of 8 or more.  Our piglets are for fattening not for
breeding.  Fed and watered under the right conditions they should achieve 100kg in 149 days. 
Quality stock leads to quality results

We have a unique way of selling our gilts. Our prices are by age, regardless of weight, because as they get older we diet them for health reasons. They are all dewormed and innoculated. A birth certificate and medicinal record for each gilt is supplied. We select gilts as piglets using a strict key quality selection program. We are so confident in our product that we offer a written PREGNANCY WARRANTY on five gilts or more. That is, if your animal fails to get pregnant when using quality sperm and maintained to our recommended feed and medicine program, then we will unreservedly replace the animal.

Our gilt prices are as follows:
4 months old 15,000 peso: 5 months old 16,000 peso: 6 months old 17,000 peso: 7 months old 18,000 peso:
8 months old 19,000 peso.

SPECIAL OFFER  We are currently making a special offer to help developing pigeries.  
If you buy 10 gilts we will provide, FREE OF CHARGE, a small hy-pig boar worth 25,000 peso! 

We can also provide our customers with a simple design for a small piggery accommodating 10 sows, one boar and a small stock area.  Ask for details.

For those thinking of starting their own small piggery, visit our business plan here:

Janzkie Farm Owak Cebu


From time to time we have special offers on gilts.

To save more money, we recommend customers buy at 7 months old and let the gilt acclimatize for one month before insemination at the age of 8 months.

We undertake deliveries all over Cebu for a small charge.  Customers from nearby islands collect stock under their own arrangements using the ferry or barge services around the island.

We offer a free feed and medication guide to all our customers. 

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email: jankie.wayne.jean@gmail.com

Supplier of Gilts, Boars and Piglets in Cebu Philippines

We are located at San Miguel Owak Asturias CEBU Philippines

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